We offer mobile phone repair services for your broken down, damaged or dysfunctional cell phones. At Phone Fix, we value the importance and need of cell phones and we aim at repairing your mobile phone with a desired finesse and deliver it to you as soon as possible so that you don’t have to stay without your beloved gadget for long. We have a highly experienced and qualified team of engineers and technicians who are experts in repairing mobile phones at fairfax corner cell phone repair. One of the main agendas of our company is to maintain a rigid time frame within which we try our best to repair and deliver the phones to our customers.

Cell Phone Repair Customer Reviews

Awesome and Trustworthy

I have taken different phones to them on many times and have never been charged if no “real” work was required. Their fees are reasonable and they never made me technically fool. Thank you :)

455 Emerson Road Shreveport, LA

Excellent Customer Service and Repair

Great service and very professional! I was ready to toss my old iPhone, the power button didn’t work, the battery did not last very long, the case had a crack etc.

3223 Parrish Avenue Marion, TX 78124

Great service…again!!

I have brought my iPhone 5s in for repairs several times and have always been treated with super service! They are quick with repairs and I have never been disappointed with their work

1849 Leroy Lane Owingsville, KY 40360